About YesPath

Our simple mission: make it easy for buyers to engage with your sales team.

The best way to build account relationships is still human connection. Listen to buyers, understand their needs, and deliver maximum value. But it’s getting tougher.

Buyers increasingly avoid sales calls, preferring to conduct their own research online, so there are fewer and fewer opportunities for human connection.Technologies like CRM and marketing automation have done little to stem the tide. We started YesPath to keep B2B teams connected to these modern buyers. Just as Amazon digitized the retail store, YesPath digitizes the sales rep.

We give buyers convenient, online access to their account team throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship. We make it easier to share content and stay organized. Using artificial intelligence, we accelerate responses to buyer requests, and we keep relationships moving forward.

Not surprisingly, our founders have backgrounds in CRM, big data, and artificial intelligence. CEO Jason Garoutte has 15 years experience in software marketing & sales, including 7 years at CRM leader Salesforce.com, where he served as VP sales operations and product marketing. Jason also served as the GM of Mintigo, which used artificial intelligence for predictive marketing.

CTO Brian Zotter has 15 years of engineering and product management experience. Brian was previously VP of Technology and Products at ClearStory Data and before that he was VP Engineering at Salesforce.com. He is a serial founder and entrepreneur with 8 patents in PaaS, SasS, and Distributed Computing. He’s passionate about building innovative, high-performance engineering teams.

The YesPath team is making it possible for companies to connect with buyers like never before. If you use a direct sales team to “land & expand” in high-potential accounts, you’ll love what YesPath can do for your revenue.

And if you share our vision for using AI to serve customers, consider reaching out to the team about careers at YesPath.

The Team

Jason Garoutte

CEO, Co-Founder

Brian Zotter

CTO, Co-Founder

Upeka Bulumulla

Lead Software Engineer

Tim Kral

Principal Architect


Meagen Eisenberg

CMO, MongoDB

James McDermott

CEO and Co-Founder, Lytics Former VP Business Development, Webtrends

Brett Queener

President and COO, SmartRecruiters Former EVP & GM, Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud