Account Analytics

It’s tough to get one picture of engagement at target accounts.

Data is fragmented and disconnected. YesPath brings it all together, showing Sales which accounts are engaged and which need work.

Daily Account Intelligence

YesPath monitors a sales team’s lists of target accounts. It creates real-time profiles for each account by synthesizing data from web traffic, emails, campaigns, and sales activity, Reps can see what each account has been doing and what they find interesting. This makes it’s easy for sales managers to validate deals in the forecast. It also provides an unprecedented view into the true impact of campaigns on target accounts.


  • Take action when a target account shows new interest
  • Tailor your pitch to the interests of each account today
  • Measure which content is working best to engage target accounts

Account Activity

Capture a consolidated view of engagement at every account.

  • Track “engagement points” over time and across channels
  • Identify who is engaging with which content assets
  • Analyze the roles of visitors with cookie-based data and reverse-IP


ABM Analytics

Bring discipline to your Account-Based Marketing program by tracking lists of target accounts as they move through the lifecycle of engagement.

  • Measure the aggregate engagement for any list of target accounts
  • Evaluate campaigns for their ability to boost engagement in key accounts
  • Learn which content assets are doing most to reach key personas


CRM Alerts

Keep reps apprised of engagement in their territory so they can strike while the iron is hot.

  • See a feed of activity notifications inside or alongside existing CRM
  • Get the big pictures of engagement across all channels
  • Set email alerts to catch big changes at important accounts


We wanted to engage customers with unique journeys. YesPath made it possible."

-Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation at Host Analytics

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