Account Rooms

The #1 challenge in B2B deals is consensus.

Influencers and decision-makers are brought into the process one at a time, each adding more meetings and delays. YesPath surfaces these people sooner, reduces the need for extra meetings, and speeds up your deals.

Keep Deals Moving

Keep your deals moving with a private space for each opportunity. After an initial call, sales reps invite the buyer team to a private YesPath Account Room. Within these, sellers and buyers collaborate on their joint plan for the evaluation. YesPath keeps the process moving forward with smart alerts when action items are due. Manage deals like a well-run project, with mutual “close plans” that keep both sides moving towards their common goal.


  • Engage all decision-makers with VIP experience
  • Remind both sides to finish their action items on time
  • Address at-risk deals before it’s too late

VIP Experience

  • Invite decision-makers to join a private workspace for each deal
  • Share helpful content like sales slides and product datasheets
  • Give the champion tools with which to advocate internally

Close Plans

  • Capture meeting notes, follow-up, and action items in one place
  • Develop a mutual plan to reach decision for each deal
  • Send automatic smart alerts to keep the deal moving


  • Track engagement to see which deals are on track
  • Identify behind-the-scenes influencers
  • Sync activities and engagement data with CRM

YesPath makes it easier for sales reps to manage buyers and win the big deals.

-John Donnelly, VP of Sales for companies like MobileIron and Symantec

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