Sales Sites

Marketers know how hard it is to get attention.

Buyers are overwhelmed with competing content and market noise. YesPath breaks through the noise to engage leads and start conversations.

Start More Conversations

B2B marketers agree that personalized content works, if only they could send it to everyone. YesPath makes it easy to scale personalization, creating unique pages for every lead and account. Today’s buyers prefer to educate themselves before accepting a phone call, and content boards are the perfect way to do it. YesPath boards also bridge the divide between Marketing and Sales by introducing the sales rep alongside the content.


  • Increase content engagement by as much as 100%
  • Present sales rep profile to encourage chat and schedule calls
  • Qualify prospects with interactive content


Invite each lead to a unique and beautiful content board showcasing content assets like videos, PDFs, and 3rd party links.

  • Send invites via your existing marketing automation system
  • Design templates for industry, segment, and persona
  • Include dynamic fields like name, account name, and rep name


Help reps get their face in the place with a digital presence alongside content.

  • Introduce the account rep with photo, profile, and online chat
  • Include multiple-choice questions to qualify prospects
  • Help leads schedule meetings directly with their rep

Sales Alerts

Let your reps know when it’s time to take action with a real-time feed of engagement activities.

  • Get one picture of account engagement across website, email, and YesPath sites
  • Double-click to learn the interests of specific leads in the account
  • Access alerts within YesPath or existing CRM

With YesPath, we've seen a 50%+ increase in overall click-through rates."

-Matt Harper, VP Marketing at Moogsoft

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