Web Offers

All marketers want a personalized website.

Personalization is hard because most visitors are anonymous. YesPath builds rich profiles to enable personalization on the first click, bringing an immediate boost to the funnel.

Personalization Made Easy

Presenting relevant content is a proven way to generate lift. When someone visits your website, YesPath identifies their account, account size and industry. YesPath also references visitor interests from 3rd party data and past behavior. Based on this profile, marketers can present the best offer in any format. All it takes to get started is the YesPath tag on your site.


  • Generate an immediate 5-15% lift in web leads
  • Promote the most relevant content on first arrival (before visitors leave)
  • Improve conversion by learning which assets and messages work best

Personalized Offers

Go beyond the basics to engage each unique visitor according to rich account and visitor profiles, including job function and interests.

  • Present offers within (or on top of) existing pages
  • Match the look & feel of existing pages
  • Add to site quickly with with one JavaScript tag

Easy Admin

Create and experiment with new offers easily using the SaaS-based YesPath app.

  • Create any number of offers with your preferred U/I type
  • Set the target audience, schedule, and A/B variations
  • Measure campaign performance in real-time

YesPath has a proven way to convert more web visitors into MQLs."

---Nandita Ghosh, Senior Director of Marketing at Shape Security

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