What do MarTech attendees really want to know?

By Jason Garoutte

March 18, 2016

In three days, over 1,700 tech-savvy marketers will attend the MarTech event in San Francisco. What are they hoping to learn? An exclusive analysis by YesPath has revealed insights about what attendees are interested in — and what they’re not. Some of the results were surprising.

At YesPath we believe the best way to market to people is to help them, and that means listening to understand their needs. In this case, YesPath was able to “listen” by aiming our own technology at show attendees. Our platform analyzes account engagement and interests, leveraging intent data from Bombora, Every month, Bombora monitors 9.3 billion interactions (e.g. reading articles, searching the web, downloading whitepapers) across 2,500 publisher websites, linking those events to 1.2 million companies. As a result, YesPath can show marketers what their target accounts are interested in.

For MarTech, we analyzed the interests of the opt-in attendee list, provided to sponsors by organizers. We analyzed 215 unique domains represented in 269 email addresses. We considered thousands of topics, focusing on those related to marketing and technology. For each topic, we calculated the odds ratio. This shows us whether attendees were more likely, or less likely, to be interested in a topic than non-attendees. We limited our analysis to the last 30 days before the event.

And the winners are…

At a high-level, the companies attending the MarTech conference are really interested in technology, analytics, automation, data cleansing, and topics related to managing a sales team.

When compared to non-attendees, companies attending the event are:

Eloqua was also a hot topic (3X). Further afield from marketing, attendees showed special interest in collaboration tools, like Slack (1.5X) and Yammer (2.3X).

The all-time winner? “Marketing Resource Management”. Attending companies were eight times more likely to read about this topic in the last month. This may be due to Gartner’s recent release of its Magic Quadrant for MRM, with many vendors like Infor promoting their placement.

It’s probably not surprising that attendees were interested in many topics related to cloud technologies. But less obvious was the popularity of Microsoft, with Microsoft Certification and Microsoft Azure both four times higher among attending companies.

We were surprised to see that predictive lead scoring was not higher for these attendees, given the buzz of recent years. Attendees were just 10% more likely to be interested.


Interests of MarTech Attendees

Note: The number shows the odds ratio, comparing the popularity of a topic in attendees to that in non-attendees. A ratio of 1.0 is neutral.


And what they’re not interested in…

Of course, there were also topics that were less popular with attending companies. And here there were a few surprises, too. Topics related to lead generation (like lead generation services and lead intelligence) were at 0.8-0.9 times (i.e. 10-20% less popular).

It was also surprising that topics related to email were lower. For example, email marketing was 0.9 times as popular and email campaigns was 0.6 . Inbound marketing was also low at 0.7. This may reflect a show demographic that leans toward enterprise size companies. We’re sure that MarTech attendees still care about leads and they still use email, so these results may reflect the specific technologies (and words) used by attendees. After all, marketing automation was a healthy topic at 1.4.

Telemarketing, at 0.6 times, was one of the least popular terms.

This analysis has some limitations. The opt-in list was fairly small, so it may not represent all attendees. And strictly speaking, we analyzed the interest of companies in attendance, not the individual attendees. Nevertheless, this shows the potential of using intent data to guide ABM, or Account-Based Marketing. When one sees a huge spike, such as the 8X popularity of “Marketing Resource Management”, that’s an actionable insight. The YesPath platform uses insights like these to orchestrate the buyer’s journey for each account.

If you’re curious what YesPath can see about your company, tweet us at @yespathSF. And if you’re in San Francisco on March 21-22, visit us as the show. As of now, Expo passes are still available for $99.